Tom served for 18 years as a Navy helicopter pilot, serving as both a search and rescue pilot and an instructor pilot. He spent his last two years in the cockpit flying with a Navy Special Operations squadron before transitioning to the United States Naval Academy.

As a military professor of leadership at the Naval Academy, Tom developed the curriculum for the capstone leadership course delivered to all students. He served as the director of the Gettysburg Leadership Encounter for all Division I team captains, as well as the leadership and academic advisor to the Navy Baseball team. He also created and implemented a leadership coaching program designed specifically for the entire Navy athletic department, harnessing the power of coaching to positively impact all teams, players and coaches.

Tom holds a Master's degree in Leadership from Georgetown University, as well as a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University and is certified in Experiential Team Learning and EQi 2.0 and EQ 360. 

Partnering with leaders and teams to perform at their best

"Tom worked with our training team to develop a leadership program for new managers.  He made sure to tailor the program to our specific needs.  It has already paid dividends in how our leaders interact with their teams and clients!"

Tom changed our
whole approach



"Tom brings a relatable style to our team.  He came to our retreat and incorporated fun and challenging exercises that made our team think.  We all left excited to incorporate the ideas Tom helped us come up with."

Fun and Impactful 

"Tom spent many sessions working through my values and what mattered most.  I had no idea how much a leadership coach would make a difference.  Working with Tom has opened my eyes and given me clarity."

Tom helped me figure out what I wanted from
my career.

Tom helped me
figure out what
I wanted from
my career.




Leadership Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

Coaching has proven to:
  1. Increase leader identity
  2. Identify and strengthen values and self-clarity
  3. Clarify self-purpose
  4. Increase satisfaction with life
  5. Improve humility and self-awareness
  6. Reduce distress

Leadership Coaching can help you connect with your players and your teams to maximize individual strengths and identify areas for future growth.

I work with clients under the assumption that you are smart, whole and able to solve problems and discover potential. I partner with you and your team to create a winning culture!

What is
Leadership Coaching?

Team Learning Assesment

In partnership with the Institute for Experiential Learning, I utilize the Kolb Experiential Learning Profile, customized to empower players and team members and guide teams to follow a proven teamwork process of decision making and action.

Design your own, internal and organic leader development program, tailored to your team that you can grow and sustain.

Own it

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